Students Excel…Technically

Chloe Drescher and Bora Nanaj

Community Manager and Staff Writer


Three seniors from Jamesville-DeWitt High School were inducted into the National Technical Honor Society on May 15. Salwa El-Hindi was inducted for her work in the Early Childhood program while Josh McMahon and Ramil Fazliev were inducted for their work in the Autotechnology program. NTHS is a non-profit organization for students enrolled in a Career and Technical Education program at OCM Boces


For this award, these students had to maintain an 85 or above average in their Career and Technical Education class as well as their Math/Science class. Furthermore, these students had to have good attendance and good citizenship in order to be recommended for this award by their teacher.


“It feels good to get this certificate,” said Fazliev. El-Hindi and Fazliev feel very accomplished for receiving this award. “I’m so proud of him,” said English as a Second Language instructor Kristine Wizneski; “I know he will do great things in his future.” Fazliev will be attending Onondaga Community College to continue studying auto-mechanics. After college, he hopes to pursue a good job in this field.


English teacher Courtney Romeiser characterizes El-Hindi as a conscientious and honest student.“She’s a dedicated student who is very caring and gives her best in class.” said Romeiser, who added that she is happy and proud of El-Hindi.

Special education teacher Sue Young is extremely proud of all the kids who were inducted into the NTHS. “They spent two years working towards their certificates,” said Mrs. Young; “It’s a huge accomplishment for the kids, and it will set the tone for them in their future.”

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