Syracuse, New York has consistently earned the title of the snowiest city in the United States and the fifth snowiest city in the world. On average, approximately 124 inches of snow fall in Syracuse during the winter season, which generally lasts from late October through early May. Syracuse’s average winter temperature is 24 degrees Fahrenheit, however this year, high temperatures and a lack of snow has left Syracuse ranking only fifth on Current Top 25 Snowiest US Cities.

“It’s pretty shocking, by January we normally have a ton of snow. But right now it’s raining and there was no snow. It’s kind of weird,” says sophomore Kali Leslie. This lack of snow has been disconcerting for many Syracuse residents who by now feel they should be experiencing copious amounts of snow. 

Stretch of road on 81 north between Syracuse and Watertown. Image provided by

Local ski mountains, such as Labrador, Song, and Toggenburg have taken significant hits, both monetary and visitor wise, due to the lack of snow. The busiest weeks for ski resorts are Thanksgiving, Christmas and February breaks. With two of the three breaks having past, and a lack of snow for both, ski resorts are sure to take severe hits this winter season. 

“in Syracuse, experiencing this level of heat is scary when compared to last year’s temperatures.”

Syracuse receives such large amounts of snow due in part to nearby Lake Ontario. The lake effect causes moisture moving over the warm lake water to dump its contents as snow once it reaches shore, blanketing whatever happens to be there. In this case, the target is Syracuse.

Many school districts in Central New York have only received one snow day so far this winter season. The Jamesville-DeWitt School District has closed only once with no delays yet this year. “On the one hand, I get to walk home from school still, but Syracuse experiencing this level of heat is scary, when compared to last year’s temperatures,” said senior Eva Schooler.

In the coming week, temperatures are expected to drop, with an average high temperature of 32 degrees Fahrenheit, and a low of 18. These temperature drops give those living in Central New York a glimpse of the winter that is yet to come.

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