New TV Shows Coming In

October 29, 2014

By Alice Woods and Erica Noble

Staff Writers

This fall, there are many new and returning TV shows that get Jamesville-DeWitt High School students excited. These include “American Horror Story,” “The Walking Dead” and “The Red Band Society.” 

“The Red Band Society” is a new dramedy on Fox that premiered Sept. 17 about a group of teenagers and their care workers who are living together in a hospital. “‘The Red Band Society’ is so good!” said freshman Sarina Alexander, because “it is like a tunnel into the life of a kid with cancer or a kid with those problems but it’s also really hilarious.” According to freshman Julia Giardina, in this show, you see things from a different perspective because the characters are in a hospital, but it protrays frienships in the same way as other shows so teens can still relate to it.

“The Walking Dead” is a horror and drama television series on its fifth season. It is about Rick Grimes and his gang facing zombies and the depraved humans who have survived. Season four ended with the gang imprisoned by cannibals. Frank Darabont developed the show and it’s based off the comic book series “The Walking Dead.” “It’s the best show ever” said junior Ricky Fitzgerald, because “it shows the development of characters through a tough time in their lives.”

Many students are excited about the new season of “The Walking Dead” that premiered on Oct. 12 “The Walking Dead”  left off on a cliffhanger last season, “I don’t know what [is going to] happen. It’s very suspenseful.” said freshman Kasey Mcdonough. Many students share Mcdonough’s excitement when it comes to the new season including junior Ethan Palmer. Also excited about this show, freshman Ben Fleet adds, “I think the world should be like “The Walking Dead” when it comes to working together and becoming a community.”

“American Horror Story” is a cross between a regular series and a miniseries; each season has its own storyline, time period and set of characters, even though the actors and actresses are the same. This season is set in 1952 Florida is about one of the last freak shows in America and their struggle to survive. It is on FX on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. “I like how it’s really scary and it puts you on the edge of what’s going to happen ” said freshman Adina Hodzic. Sophomore Cindy Henchen agrees with Hodzic and is also excited for this season.

Among the students, many of the popular genres are horror, comedy, drama and action and romance. “I like the whole shabang,” said Alexander.

There are many other TV shows that premiered this fall that J-DHS students watch. Some shows including the series “ The Vampire Diaries.” “ Oh my god! ‘Vampire Diaries’ is amazing!” said freshman Lindsay Hair. But Alexander disagrees, saying the show has “too much drama.” Students also enjoy “The Originals” which is based off “The Vampire Diaries.”

Another show that was brought up by a few people was “The Snack Off,” which is on MTV on Thursday at 10:30 p.m. The show is about a group of people who get together and make midnight snacks for a competition, said junior Jonathan Kravec. Other shows include, “Criminal Minds” and “Flash,” which is a new show that came out this fall. “Modern Family,” was a popular favorite. But nothing caught the students eyes as much as “The Walking Dead”, “Red Band Society” and “American Horror Story.”

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