New Season, New Movies

April 14, 2016

Tim Skeval and Steven Baker 

Staff Writers

    Lights. Camera. Action! New movies including “Batman vs. Superman,” “Zootopia” and “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” are making jaw dropping headlines. “Batman vs Superman” was released March 25 and has already racked in $684 million and is ranked fifth all time for highest opening day gross, making $81,558,505. “The movie was action-packed and worth my money,” said senior Rahmell Smith.

    The movie was the eighth in the Batman franchise but had some extensive differences. Though Smith liked the film, he thought that the quick change of feelings at the end was abrupt. Others thought the movie was strange too, like sophomore Markos Petkopolous, who thought that it wasn’t as good as the other movies and there was too much crammed into one movie. With so many Batman and Superman movies there are some mixed opinions on who the best character is. Sophomore Anthony Ciccone thinks Superman is better but freshman Ian Freezeman believes otherwise; he likes Batman more because he is a real human.

    “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” must have forgot to send out invitations because many people aren’t showing up. “After hearing some bad reports about it, I decided not to go,” said sophomore Allie Bergman who decided not to see anything else. Rotten tomatoes supported Bergmans opinion saying the movie wasn’t very entertaining, giving the movie a rating of 25 percent. “It wasn’t as good as the first movie and it was actually very alike the first movie, which is why I felt like I was watching the first movie,” said senior Michael Pleschinski.

Pixar, the studio behind movies like “Finding Nemo” and “Inside Out”, came out with yet another box office hit. “Zootopia” made over $73 million in its debut weekend. “I liked the movie because it was funny for all ages and made references to the Godfather,” said substitute teacher John Becker. Also, one of the funniest scenes has gone viral. When a rabbit walks into a store and needs immediate attention, the sloths behind the counter are too slow and that provokes the rabbit. That was one of the main things that brought so many people to see “Zootopia” including junior Mike Crosset who said ‘‘’Zootopia’ was a good moive that showed a diffrent view on judging people.” Junior Lexi Wynn also loved the movie stating, “I loved the movie because it was a great movie and it also talked about equality and categorizing people.” Senior Kaci Wright agreed with Wynn. “I’m excited to see the movie with my kids, and that sloth scene because I heard it was funny,” said Earth Science teacher Kevin Sommer.    

And now the hype is building for another movie. “The Jungle Book” comes out on Friday, April 15 at 11 a.m. at Shoppingtown Mall. “I want to see it bad because I liked the cartoon version a lot,” said Bergman. The movie looks to surpass the 1994 movie earnings of a little over $44 million dollars in gross. “I think it won’t be as good as the original,” said freshman Kendalel Thompson.

So go see “Batman and Superman” or “Zootopia” or any other movies this weekend because, it’s cold outside, but the movie theaters are packed and warm.

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