New Activism Club Has Great Ideas

The Jamesville-DeWitt Youth Activism Club is a newer club here at J-D with big plans. The club provides a safe place for students to talk about all the different issues they’re passionate about. The Youth Activism Club is open to anyone interested in joining.

The Youth Activism Club has a lot planned for the future, as their goal is to promote social justice issues present in our society today. They are focused on many different issues like civil rights, racial discrimination, LGBTQIA+ rights, and gender inequalities. 

Currently, the club makes an effort to meet around every Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. They have about 30 members and around 15 people attend each meeting. Due to COVID-19, large events cannot be held, so this year, they’re hoping to recruit more members and plan some larger events next year. However, the J-D Youth Activism Club is reluctant to give up and will proceed to try to plan some smaller events like a feminine product drive, a mask drive, and virtual movie nights this year.

The J-D Youth Activism Club is always open to new ideas and input from members. Sophomore Dakota Wynn explained that since “activism” and “social justice” are such broad terms, members of the club are able to talk about a variety of different topics and do a bunch of different activities, at the best interest of the members of course.
If you want your opinions heard and your thoughts prioritized, you can sign up for the J-D Youth Activism Club by using the Google Classroom code 2fhqdpk. You can find out more information and updates through their Instagram: @jdyouthactivism.

Theresa Grosso, '22
Hi I'm Theresa, a staff writer at Jamesville-Dewitt. After school I run indoor track in the winter, and play lacrosse all year long. In school my favorite subject is Spanish. Some topics I'm interested in writing about are current events and sports.