New Cafe in Dewitt Experiments with Innovative Ideas

Photo taken by author.

As soon as you walk into Labcow, the new bubble tea, rolled and nitrogen ice cream cafe in DeWitt, you are immediately greeted with a sense of warmth and bliss. The cafe opened on Oct. 1 2018.  Labcow offers milk tea, fruit tea, milkshakes/slushes, “dragon breath” nitrogen rice cereal, rolled ice cream, and nitrogen ice cream. In addition to this, they offer over 14 toppings for their ice cream and tea.

According to the cafe’s owner Eric Jiang, their “Cookies ‘N Cream” rolled ice cream is the most popular item right now. “The ice cream is really unique,” said freshman Kerry Dunn after trying it. The process of making rolled ice cream is quite interesting. “The liquid base is poured onto a frozen pan and then chopped, mixed, and spread using a spatula,” said Jiang. There are five flavors to choose from and customers can choose their toppings and what they would like mixed into their rolled ice cream, as well.

“The ice cream is really unique,” said freshman Kerry Dunn”

Another fascinating item offered in the cafe is liquid nitrogen ice cream. Again, customers can choose between five flavors, with the chosen flavor then being churned with liquid nitrogen. “The ice cream is super creamy,” said freshman Ally Dettor as she dug her spoon into it for the first time. For those wondering, the nitrogen does not change the ice cream in any way, it actually makes it smoother and creamier and gets rid of any ice crystals that might be hidden inside.

Labcow offers a wide selection of tea as well. There are several different flavors to choose from within the three categories of tea. Customers can also choose from 15 toppings to add into their beverage. “We brew our tea daily, and cook the bubbles (tapioca) every four hours for the best taste,” said Jiang. The cafe ships their tea all the way from Taiwan in order to attain the best products for their customers. They can customize orders to tailor to the customer, as well.

“Customers can also choose from 15 toppings to add into their beverage.”

After visiting Labcow for the first time, both Dunn and Dettor said that it had a “Very innovative environment.” The selection of products is unlike any other ice cream cafe in Syracuse. “I would rate my experience here today a nine out of ten,” said Dunn. Although Labcow creates crazy kitchen experiments, the result is always a happy customer.

Nina Dermody, '22
One of the Culture Editors at RamPage. When she's not running around on the soccer field, she's probably laughing really obnoxiously!