My Holiday Traditions: Margret Tangerine

Days until Winter Break: 2

Having little contact with her stuck up family, Margret will be spending some of her holidays with her closest friend, Coco. For Thanksgiving, Margret will jet off to France to spend some much needed time with Coco Chanel in her mid-century modern castle of a home. For two weeks they’ll eat fine cuisine handcrafted by the greatest up and coming French chefs. They’ll shop until they drop and spend time gossiping poolside about the latest Hollywood drama while sipping a fine chardonnay from Tangerine’s newest collection of wines. After that, she’s off to her winery in Normandy, where she’ll meet up with her Sister’s family and her clingy mother who insists on cooking the Christmas dinner. They’ll hire a team to find the greatest tree in Normandy to cut down to be displayed in the main room of the chateau. And Margret’s mother loves exotic animals, so if the tree comes with some furry friends, extra points to it. While one team is busy finding a tree, another will be busy decorating the whole chateau inside and out with the finest Christmas decorations, with a well-crafted color palette to precisely match every room in the house. Margret will go shopping once more to find the perfect gifts for each and every one of her friends and family members. The only gift she can’t buy is the one of getting her mother a life, no amount of thought or money can ever make that happen. She’ll spend an entire day wrapping her well thought out gifts and writing handwritten letters for each gift, while her mother will complain at least a dozen times as to why she didn’t just hire people to do that for her. And last of all, she won’t leave until her latest story is finished and ready for publication.

Margret Tangerine
She's a world-renowned actress, writer, and director. Ever heard of her? Margret Tangerine is her name. If she's not on set working on a new hit movie, she'll be home on her couch working on a new novel. On the weekends you can catch her jetting off to France to work on the new Chanel collection in her finest pearls. If you don't know her by her acting or writing, you'll know her for being the granddaughter of the late Leonardo DaVinci, painter of the Mona Lisa. She recently divorced her former husband Leonardo DiCaprio after finding the Matisse he had hung in their foyer was a fraud. Some call her dramatic, but most call her what she is, a creative genius, that is. And one thing you should know is that she’d never be caught dead in a fake. The last person that accused her of owning a rip-off bag hasn’t been heard from since the late 1800’s. We know from the sounds of it, you’d wish you were Margret, an artist, an actor, a fashionista, and last of all, an icon. She can be contacted through her agent, Sophia Caputo (‘24).