Mr. Krukowski Retires From Teaching After 30 Years

Photo shows J-DHS. Photo Credit: Dakota Wynn ('23)

When students walk down the green hall at J-DHS or browse the library, they are sure to pass by a door leading to G12. The room is a computer lab and a classroom for a myriad of classes and clubs. From Media Production to RamFeed, the room is always bustling with activity. 

Lee Krukowski, commonly known as Mr. K, is the current teacher that runs the room. He’s taught a wide selection of classes over the years, from Creative Woodworking to Graphic Design and even teaching Design and Draw Production, otherwise known as DDP. Krukowski adds, “A little over 20 years ago I created a course called Media Production,” which is an overwhelmingly popular elective.

Originally graduating from college with a degree in industrial training and development, he had a change of heart and went back to college to receive his teaching certification. Once he received his certification, he immediately started teaching in the J-D district. “I started off as a student teacher here, in Jamesville-DeWitt at the middle school back in 1993.”

As for his retirement plans, Krukowski mentions working on his business. “I actually have a side business, I sell real estate, residential real estate. That’s where I’m going to start off because that’s what I’m doing now and then I haven’t determined if I want to go back into becoming a long term sub or move into another direction.”

After 30 long years of working in the J-D district, Krukowski has become a face that several students have come to associate with the bubbling of a coffee machine and the insistence of turning off the lab computers properly. Krukowski mentions how much he’s loved seeing and helping his students grow and mature throughout the school year, even if they do get distracted during class. As he puts it, “Put those phones down!”

Happy retirement, Mr. Krukowski!

Nicole Chen, '26
Nicole Chen is a freshman at J-DHS who writes a myriad of articles for RamPage. She hopes to have her week filled with clubs (which currently, it isn’t) and she obsesses over writing quick author’s bios.