Mr. Comfort Ditches Lesson Plan to Teach Through Memes

Monday morning in Mr. Comfort’s class seemed normal for all students. Like always, the class didn’t start until 7:50 and students were eager to talk because there was a test that day. Trying to figure out the difference between cytosol and cytoplasm, students did not feel ready at all. Luckily, Mr. Comfort had other plans for this period- which didn’t include a test.

Once my story-sniffing nose got whiff of Mr. Comfort not sticking to a lesson plan, I rushed down to the class and took an empty seat. I was waiting to see why he decided to do this with my notebook out ready for details, but instead of stating a reason he picked up the phone. 

“Hey, Mrs. Raicht, what are you guys doing in class today?”


“Because we’re looking at memes.”

I was not sure whether to be happy or afraid. The class looked at each other quizzically, but happy to not have a test. I was able to capture some of the memes, but my Canon EOS R Mirrorless Digital Camera was taken away for having technology out during class. 

(FIG. 1)
This meme describes the role of ribosomes in a cell. It tries to explain that ribosomes code the amino acids into full proteins. This meme employes the “Salesman slaps roof of automobile” format.

(Fig. 2) This meme was shown to describe how Mr. Comfort preferred looking at memes, to making his students take a test. Depicted using the popular “Drake” format.

After class, I was able to get a quick interview with Mr. Comfort himself.

D= your reporter, Digby Thanoscar

M= Mr. Comfort

D: Mr. Comfort, why did you decide to postpone the test just to look at memes?

M: It’s quite simple, Digby. I found all these great memes, and I even made a few. But to make space for all of them on my computer, I had to delete the pdf of the test I was going to give. Also, ribosomes are cool.

D: I agree, ribosomes are very cool. Thank you for your time, but I’m late for walrus wrestling class, is there any way you could write me a pass?

M: Walrus wrestling? Must be a new elective, but yeah, I’ll write you a pass.

[Interview concluded]

While talking to some of the students on Tuesday, all of them could tell me the function of ribosomes. Although some of them thought the memes were cringy or stale, they all said it was better than having to take a test.

Digby Thanoscar
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