Mock Trial is the Club to Join if You Love Law and Arguing

Photo Credits: 991joseph, Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

What is your club called?

[Our club is called] Mock Trial.

What does your club do?

We argue with people and enjoy proving other people wrong. Just kidding, we compete in trials against other schools teams. Actual county judges are the scorekeepers at our trials so it is a great learning experience. This is a great club for anyone possibly interested in law or just wants to learn more about what lawyers do. We also have a very experienced lawyer who advises the club.

Why should people join your club?

We have a lot of fun at the trials and our members always learn how to become better speakers.

When and where does your club meet?

The club meets every other Wednesday in B22 and Saturdays on zoom.

Nora Gross, '23
Nora is so excited to be co-editing the Lifestyle section this year! She is currently a senior and is interested in fashion, movies, and music! She is also a swimmer for J-D and she does MUN.