March 14, 2020: Important Message From Superintendent Dr. Peter Smith

March 14, 2020

Dear Families and Staff,

This afternoon Superintendents from across Onondaga County met with County Executive Ryan McMahon and County Health Commissioner Dr. Gupta to discuss COVID-19 and the impact on schools.  As I am sure you have heard by now, per order of the County Executive students will be out of school beginning Monday, March 23, 2020.  Students are scheduled to return on Tuesday, April 14, 2020.   Closing schools is an important step to contain the coronavirus and to protect against an outbreak of COVID-19, which helps to reduce cases and protect our medical infrastructure. 

With the closing of school we are faced with the dual challenge of educating our students and maintaining our child nutrition program during this extended closure.  Staff in each of the buildings have started planning for the close of schools and the challenging task of providing resources for students.  Over the course of the next few days, we will continue to prepare materials for students.  Preparations to maintain the child nutrition program are underway, as well.  Additional information about educational resources and the child nutrition program will be provided as soon as possible. 

As per the County Executive, the reason to close at the end of this week is to allow time to prepare and plan.  This time will allow families to make plans for an extended closure.  We recognize that some of you may be uncomfortable sending your children to school.  Please know that we respect your right as families to choose what is best for your child and an absence this week due to concerns about COVID-19 will be a legal reason should you keep your child home.

The measures we are taking today are aimed at protecting our students, staff, and our community.  This is an unprecedented national crisis, but the Jamesville-DeWitt community is compassionate, strong, and resilient.  Together we will weather this storm. 

Please contact me if you have any questions.  Thank you for your support as we work together to protect our students and our community. 

Thank you,

Peter C. Smith


Additional Information

In addition to the closing announcement, note that to align with the Governor’s regulations on mass gathering we are postponing events through April 14 including,

  • High school band, chorus, and orchestra concerts,
  • Jamesville Elementary open house,
  • Moses DeWitt and Tecumseh Bingo and Baskets,
  • Middle School band, chorus, and orchestra concerts,
  • Tecumseh Book Fair and Science Fair, and
  • Spanish National Honor Society fund raiser.

The start of spring sports will be postponed until further notice.

If you have questions about other events, please contact your building principal or the district office for the most up-to-date information.

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