Mental Health Days Downgraded to Mental Health Minutes

The mental wellness day and subsequent weekend in January was found to be a rousing success. Students reported no longer feeling depressed and there was a huge increase in positivity. However, despite the beneficial results, the school has received orders to shorten the next mental health day to a mental health minute.

This new movement is in response to increased tests needing more time to complete. Students are under more pressure than ever to achieve good grades. It’s natural that schedules would shift to accommodate this.

“It’s just more practical,” Principal Lawson stated in an interview. “We don’t have time for both pep rallies and mental health. One of them had to be cut and I like pep rallies better.”

Mental wellness minutes will take place on Friday during first period classes. Activities will be placed out by teachers and no work will be done during this time. In other news, January has been declared the most boring first month of the year.

Billy Bob Joe
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