Meet the Unsung Heroes of J-D: The Custodians!

Photo Credit: Dakota Wynn, '23

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Recognition of our custodial staff from teachers and administrators (photos by Dakota Wynn, ’23)

Joe DeChick – English teacher

“I appreciate the custodial staff’s attention to detail. Whether it’s making sure the sidewalks are shoveled and salted or making sure the hallways are clean, they’re really terrific!”

Daniel Law – History teacher

“The custodial staff keeps this building running. The volume of work that they put in everyday, weekends, and the stuff they do to let us come in here and do our work is really amazing. We don’t take enough time to thank those guys for all the things that they do for us.”

David Nylen – Assistant Principal

“We experience their hard work when we walk through the hallways and as we go to our classes. Anytime something’s not right they’re Johnny-on-the-spot. It’s an incredibly difficult job and it’s a really really important job, and we take great pride in our facilities.”

Kelly Creamer – English teacher

“I appreciate their consistency. You can always depend on them to be here day in and day out to do all the jobs that need to get done.” 

Jeff Ike – Physical education teacher

“They do such a great job making sure [the gym is] clean and making sure it’s in tip top shape, and I really appreciate that. The care that they take for our kids and for our building is tremendous.”

Dakota Wynn, '23
Dakota Wynn is a junior, and this is her first year as the photo editor for the RamPage. When she’s not taking photos, she enjoys baking, hiking, and spending time with friends and family.