Meet the the J-DHS Cafeteria Workers

Denise Reals Danny Kilbride Rebecca Forgione Michael Stith Mary Fralick Jean Ackerman Marjee Carver Ms. Oppedisano, Ms. Ackerman, Ms. Carver Michael Stith

Photos by Dakota Wynn, ’23

Daniela Arevalo-Leyva – Junior 

“The cafeteria workers are really friendly and they greet me with a smile each day!”

Finnian Coles-Carruthers – Freshman

“The cafeteria workers put a lot of time and effort into what they do and they’re definitely underappreciated.”

Daniel Skewes – Junior  

“I appreciate how the cafeteria workers remember my orders each day.”

Muhammed Aljerari – Junior 

“I appreciate their kindness and how they provide for us. They’re nice people and put a lot of effort into preparing our food.”

Arifin Chowdhury – Senior 

“I really appreciate all the work the cafeteria workers do! They’re very nice and kind and they always tell me to have a nice day no matter how late I come to the cafeteria line. I also love how they call me wholesome nicknames.”

Dakota Wynn is a junior, and this is her first year as the photo editor for the RamPage. When she’s not taking photos, she enjoys baking, hiking, and spending time with friends and family.