Meet Newest Addition to The Language Department: Srta. Johnston

Photo shows Senorita Johnston. Photo credit Dakota Wynn ('24)

By Contributing Writers Nicole Chen (’26) & Lynn Dong (’26)

The start of the 2022-2023 school year introduced a mass of new teachers. From additions to the mathematics department, the history classrooms, and even the language hall, the wave of new educators are just settling into the Jamesville-DeWitt schools. Joining the language hall this year is Señorita Johnston.

Teaching Spanish levels 1, 3, and 5, Johnston has a large amount of insight on teaching the language. Johnston has had previous experience teaching at both Syracuse University and Solvay Middle School. When asked about her reason for coming to the J-D district, Johnston said, “I heard really good things, especially about the language program here.” 

Although Johnston is not a native Spanish speaker, she pursued the language after discovering interest during her schooling. “It was always my favorite class and I thought it was really fun.” Starting Spanish in fifth grade, Johnston has been studying the language since then, eventually traveling to South America to assist her in becoming fluent. 

“It’s just an overall very positive experience. Every class I have I feel like the kids are learning stuff, [and] the kids are interacting with each other.” Johnston says. “I definitely feel very supported by students, colleagues, and everything.” She notes that J-D has more parental involvement than any other schools she’s taught in, along with a stronger push to seek assistance during activity periods.

Johnston still has a myriad of ideas for the next semester, including virtual field trips and games. Although the past two years have been hectic, Johnston is rapidly adjusting to the J-DHS environment.

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