Meet Mrs. Poland: J-D’s Newest Math Teacher

Photo shows Mrs. Poland. Photo credit: Nicole Chen ('26)

As the 2023-2024 school year kicks off, teachers are settling back into their classrooms. Joining the math department this year is Cherie Poland, J-D’s newest geometry and algebra teacher, who also happens to be a softball coach.

When she started college, Poland had initially been an engineering major at BYU before changing her mind and becoming a physical education major for a semester. During her semester, she continued to take math classes, where she found herself entranced by the topic. As for the teaching aspect, she was devoted to becoming a coach for a sport that she enjoyed and spent her time studying to educate others. 

After graduating, Poland started teaching at Proctor High School, before moving to China for five years where she raised her two children. After that, she moved back to America to teach at Cazenovia College. When Cazenovia College closed, she moved over to the Syracuse-Chittenango area. 

While looking for job openings in the area, Poland came across J-DHS and was immediately invited for an interview. She found the environment to be warm and welcoming, and has been impressed by the school so far. From previous high school experiences, she hadn’t expected the preparedness of J-D students and their discipline. 

As for what she enjoys to do in her free time, Poland notes that she enjoys playing video games. She has found a love in playing Zelda and Witcher 3 during her free time. She often spends her time with her children, who both have a passion for sports. 

Whether it be with her excited personality or her tolerance for cows on whiteboards, Poland has made her way into the hearts of many of her students. Students can find her in R16 during activity period. Welcome to J-D Mrs. Poland!

Nicole Chen, '26
Nicole Chen is a freshman at J-DHS who writes a myriad of articles for RamPage. She hopes to have her week filled with clubs (which currently, it isn’t) and she obsesses over writing quick author’s bios.