Meet English Teacher Mrs. Eaton

Photo taken by Sophia Caputo ('24)

By Contributing Writers Lynn Dong (’26) and Nicole Chen (’26)

Jamesville-DeWitt High School has had its fair share of teachers. Having been open and teaching for over 50 years, the school has seen graduating classes come and go. Like students, teachers themselves have been a primary part of the community here.

Terese Eaton has been a key part of the J-DHS community. Teaching for 27 years and counting, this English teacher has quite the glowing reputation among the students. This year, she’s teaching the freshmen, sophomore, and senior students, with each class growing more and more fond of her. Yet, there are still quite a few secrets she’s been keeping.

Something not everyone may be aware of is that she used to teach locally at both the Fayetteville-Manlius and West Genesee school districts. While the experiences were pleasant, she ultimately decided to switch over and teach the students here. She says, “[Jamesville-Dewitt] was closer to home. I didn’t want to live in the same district I taught in… I like the diversity, solid reputation, and high expectations.”

Not so surprisingly, her favorite part of teaching is the students. Funnily enough, she hates grading papers, despite focusing on the writing and reading part of the English language. As stated by Eaton herself, “[I like] the kids, the interactions. Do you want to know my least favorite part of teaching? Grading papers.”

“I’ve taught ninth [grade] for almost every year of my career,” says Eaton. It appears that ninth grade has been Eaton’s favorite grade to teach. “At the end of the year we get to say, ‘What’s the one thing you want and one thing you definitely don’t?’, and ninth grade is always my want.”

As does everyone, she has an interesting, more hidden side. Uniquely, this English teacher seems to prefer the sports side of education. Before beginning as an English teacher, she worked as a part-time coach. Realizing that she liked the teaching factor of coaching, she pursued teaching as a full-time job. One of the primary reasons she chose language arts as opposed to any other subject is her love for reading.

When asked what class she would teach if not English, there was a rapid reply of “Phys. ed. Then I could wear comfy clothes and I wouldn’t have to grade as many papers.”

If you’re ever in the red hall looking for a lively conversation, stop into room R28 for a chat with Mrs. Eaton.

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