Meet Bryce Dadey: More Than Just a Football Star

Image shows Bryce and Marley, image credit: Bryce Dadey

For the past couple of weeks you might have heard the name “Bryce Dadey” on the announcements, and you may ask yourself, why? This year, Bryce Dadey was nominated for the Heart of a Giant award from the New York Giants.

J-D is rich in exemplary students, but what makes Bryce Dadey different? Why was he nominated for such a prestigious award? Dadey is a sophomore at J-D, who participates in football, wrestling, and lacrosse. This makes him a tri-athlete, a requirement to be nominated for the New York Giant’s award. Although some sophomores might be intimidated by such a prestigious award, Dadey has a track record of having a big heart dating all the way back to middle school.

“I started Ainsley’s Angels in the Syracuse area with Marley Aberdeen in 6th grade. I remember why we started it. It was to include kids and adults with disabilities in races, and give them experiences that they typically wouldn’t have been able to have,” says Dadey. Ainsley’s Angels is a national organization that offers opportunities for 5ks, and works towards building awareness about America’s special needs community. Before Dadey and Marley Aberdeen, there was no chapter of this organization in Syracuse. Besides running 5ks with Ainsley’s Angels, Dadey says that his other hobbies include, “making maple syrup, weight lifting, hunting and fishing, and hanging out with family and friends.”

Bryce cheering on Marley at a race

According to Dadey, his biggest influence is his grandparents and parents. “They show me that it is important to include and advocate for people and important things you care about.” Both of Dadey’s parents are deaf and teach at colleges in the area. He lives at home with his parents, his two sisters, as well as his grandparents and an English Springer spaniel puppy.

As for the future, Dadey says he has a few goals in mind: “I would like to wrestle in college, if that doesn’t work I would like to either serve in the marines or army, or become a contractor for electrical or construction.” J-D is proud to support Dadey, and you can vote for him for the Heart of a Giant award once every 24 hours here:

Gabrielle Kleiner, '24
Gabrielle Kleiner is a junior at JDHS and the Rampage Lifestyle editor. She enjoys reading strange books and playing with her dog.