May 2009 RamPage

Included In This Article:

  • The Last Print Edition: Online-Only Move Sign of Times for Student Journalists
  • Pigging Out On Hysteria Instills Swine Flu Fears
  • Ram-iniscence: Writing Well Will Always Help Me
  • Taking it to the ‘Net: So What, No One Reads It Now
  • The Republican Party In Crisis: An Outsider Suggests Changes; We’re Not Dead Yet
  • Revive Citizenship, but Let’s Please Not Wait Until Senior Year
  • Stereotypes Abound. See Anyone Familiar?
  • If You’re Looking For That Perfect Dress, Don’t Hold Your Breath
  • #$@!ing Headline
  • Maintaining Gym Class Grades Giving J-D Students A Workout
  • E-race-ing the Myths About Gym Makeups
  • Save Paper? Nice Idea. But Let’s Do More
  • Earth Science Teacher Rich Adler Recycles Lunchroom Waste Into Everyday Products
  • Crohn’s Disease Can’t Stop Senior Murphy
  • Don’t Make Summer a Bummer
  • College Life as Diabetic: I Can Do This
  • Why Joe, Josie Can’t Read- 2009 Style
  • Miss School? You Might as Well Plan on Missing Your Whole Life
  • Skip Right Over to Skype to Save Money on the Phone Bill, Keep in Touch Long Distance
  • School Laptops Left ‘Wireless”- Less At Times
  • KGB- Friend, Not Foe. Just Trust Us…
  • Once Upon A Time, Sports Fans, Some Teachers were D-I Beasts
  • … And Former J-D Scholastic Stars Now Shine at College Level
  • From Ram-Pages to RamPage… A Look Back at the RamPage Archives
  • The Write Stuff: Junior Sarah Lesser Attends Prestigious Writers’ Conference
  • Sophomore Jesse Evensky Prepares To Spend Junior Year In Spain
  • Feeding Frenzy: Behind-Scenes peek at Cafeteria
  • ‘Senior Showcase’ Sadly a No-Show This School Year
  • Tracking the Climb, Fall Of Miley Cyrus: A Smiley, Sweet Role Model; Barely Dressed, Barely Talented
  • J-D Senior Leah ‘Lauren’ Dances Way to Beverly Hills Red Carpet
  • Bored? Then you Haven’t Eaten in Some of Syracuse’s Most Unique Hotspots
  • Pizza, Not Atmosphere, the Star at Nick’s Tomato Pie
  • ‘Young One’ Yvonna Link to Jones Legacy
  • Back-to Back Titles In Hand, What Will Hoops Team Do for Encore?
  • Highs, Lows, and In-Betweens of Branding Oneself as a Single-Sport Student-Athlete
  • A ‘Commitment to Excellence and Intense Attention to Detail’
  • Thank You, Mr. DeChick, For Treating Your Students As Equals

A Farewell to Print

The Vault
From the 1950's until May 2009, the student newspapers of JDHS were not online. They were actual newspapers that students held in their hands. The Vault is our ongoing effort to digitize the print history of student reporting at JDHS before the original papers disintegrate in the dank, dark file cabinets of G18.