Ana Dieroff and Fidel Martinez are Jamesville-DeWitt High School’s senior co-presidents. Their goal is to help make our school a more fun and positive place.

We want to Make sure all the students are happy with J-D and that nobody feels like they don’t like where they go

Senior Ana Dieroff is one of the two co-presidents. Dieroff not only takes part in student government, but is also a tri-sport athlete. She competes year round and does gymnastics in the fall, indoor track in the winter, and lacrosse in the spring. Dieroff also explains that getting older and getting through club sports has freed up more time and given her a chance to branch out and do other things she loves to do. While serving as our co-president, she is also active in Key Club, Science Club, and Bust-A-Move.

Senior Fidel Martinez is also one of our co-presidents. He competes in cross country in the fall, as well as both indoor and outdoor track. Martinez tries to focus on one thing at a time when juggling all his responsibilities. Time management has helped him become more organized and stay on top of everything. “As co-president of the student body, I come up with events that we can do,” said Martinez.

our My main goal is to really increase and improve school spirit

Co-presidents at J-DHS have to set up all the school dances, pep rallies, and extra activities that go on outside of school. “My main goal is to really increase and improve school spirit,” said Martinez. As co-presidents, they have a lot of authority, which means a lot of duties. They seem to have no problem limiting phone usage and staying organized to help our school become a better place.

Martinez is also a part of the Positivity Project club. He is one of the Directors of Communication, meaning that he has to work the Positivity Project Instagram. This means that he makes sure that the message gets out about the trait of the week.

Martinez and Dieroff both agree that the student body government works well together and they all get along, making it easier for their responsibilities to get done. The main goal for the co-presidents is to make our school a place where all people want to be, and to make everyone feel like they belong here. “Make sure all the students are happy with J-D and that nobody feels like they don’t like where they go,” said Dieroff when describing what she wants for J-D.

Both Co-Presidents are trying to help make our school even better than it already is. After all, we are J-D!

Theresa Grosso, '22
Hi I'm Theresa, a staff writer at Jamesville-Dewitt. After school I run indoor track in the winter, and play lacrosse all year long. In school my favorite subject is Spanish. Some topics I'm interested in writing about are current events and sports.