Indoor Track Aims For Sectionals

Maddie Scullion and Eva Dougherty

Staff Writers

Will the Rams run all the way to states? The Jamesville-DeWitt High School Girls and Boys Indoor Track teams believe that they can.

    The girls team was very successful last year, winning both the league and sectionals. This year, their distance captain, senior Laura Wengert, plans to do the same. “Our goal is to try to get each individual to do as well as they can to contribute to the team,” said Wengert. Junior Emilee Carpenter says she hopes that her team can win sectionals and to make it to state qualifiers. Carpenter looks forward to the meets because she likes spending time with her team. Both Carpenter and Wengert said that last year the team did really well. “We won sectionals last year and just did really well overall,” said Carpenter.

The boys team also did really well. Junior Austin Philleo said that last year the boys team was undefeated and they went to sectionals, but lost. This year, they are preparing to top that with a sectional win. “We’re not very deep. We don’t have a lot of people on our team, but we’re very, very strong,” said Philleo.

Physical education teacher Emily Rowles is the coach for both the boys and girls teams. Coach Rowles also believes that her teams can make it to states this year. This is because Coach Rowles said that out of all of the hard running events, her team is “lucky” to have good runners in each one.  This year, Coach Rowles said she has a young team and is looking forward to seeing how they develop, as they don’t have much experience with indoor track.

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