Kicking For a Cause

By Sabina Hodzic and Carly Stone

Staff Writers

For the fourth year in a row, the Jamesville-DeWitt High School Boys soccer team will compete for a cause. On Sept. 28, both the varsity and JV teams will host East Syracuse-Minoa as part of their regular schedule. The contest was chosen to be the Fourth Annual Sally A. Lock charity game. In the weeks before the game, the team members were asked by their coach, Paul Krause, to sell shirts supporting the cause. At the game, which begins at 10 a.m., there will be a raffle for Silver Knights tickets and jerseys to add to the funds already raised by the t-shirt sales.

In order to help raise money, this year’s green shirts could be purchased for $10. “At least five shirts is recommended (for each player to sell),” says junior Josh Frank. The cause is personal, and touches the life of Coach Krause, who began the charity four years ago in order to help his sister, Sally A. Lock, who struggled with ovarian cancer before passing away in 2010.

Each year the team manages to surpass their expectations of donations. This year they hope to raise over $3,000. Over the past four years both the teams combined have been able to donate around $10,700 to finding a cure for cancer. The proceeds from the fundraiser will go to the American Cancer Society, which continues to search for a cure.

Coach Krause and players agree that raising money for the charity helps bring “solidarity”. Senior captain Luca Pelligra helped the team reach their goal by reminding them that it’s for a good cause and that there is an award for the player who raises the most money. Sophomore teammate Charlie Digristina said that knowing it is for the coach makes it a lot more important. Junior Xander Ferlenda knows that selling t-shirts will go to a great cause and help those going through cancer.

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