J-DHS Presents Junior Prom

Photo shows junior class officers.

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Photo Credits: Paige Kinahan (’24), Megan Keough (’24), Gabbi Kleiner (’24), Tristan Reed (’24), Leyna Wirickx (’24), Judith Langley (’24), & Ava Doyle (’25) Slideshow Credit: Dakota Wynn (’23)

The J-D Junior Prom was a success! Taking place on Saturday April 15, the event featured a DJ, photo booth, and a Gannon’s ice cream stand (a tradition that has been featured on and off throughout the years.) The theme was “Under the Stars,” which was unanimously voted on months ago by the junior class through a google form.

The set up time and master schedule did not change, but was different compared to last year as the gym was reserved all day Friday, April 14, for the set up. According to the Junior class advisors, there was some conflict with a unanimous gym teacher, due to some student observers coming in. However, no other staff member, gym teacher, or administrator had any issues and eventually a compromise was reached. 

“My favorite part of prom was the 6 student government members finishing the gym and being able to see all the work we had put in all these months finally come together. It was amazing to see what we were able to accomplish and learn throughout this experience… Nothing is ever perfect, I personally, and I know the whole student government, is not entirely pleased with our DJ. However, I believe the gym looked spectacular and better than I could have imagined,” said Junior class officer, Megan Keough. 

Although a tradition passed down throughout the decades of J-DHS’ students, the prom itself has changed throughout the years. Mr. Cottet, J-DHS alumni, current teacher, student government advisor, and Junior prom chaperone says,“My prom, when I was a junior at J-D, was at an offsite location and was a little longer than this one. I believe there was a dinner, and as I remember, there was more dancing. There was not, however, a Gannon’s Ice Cream cart, which was my favorite part of this prom.”

The event was successfully organized thanks to the junior class officers: Megan Keough, Liam Scott, Hannah Anderson, Shane Gargiulo, Kate Saluti, and Kana Laclair, as well as the junior class advisor Ms. Boettger, Mr. Falter, and a host of chaperones including, Ms. Crawford, Mr. Cottet, Ms. De Jesus, Ms. Slade, Mr. Sul, and Ms. Moore.

Gabrielle Kleiner, '24
Gabrielle Kleiner is a junior at JDHS and the Rampage Lifestyle editor. She enjoys reading strange books and playing with her dog.