Jen and Kerri’s: A Newly Opened Jamesville-Based Ice Cream Station

Source: @jenkerriicecreamstation on FaceBook

This year’s unprecedentedly warm summer raised many occasions that called for cool sweet treats. For many, the first thing to come to mind when attempting to satisfy this craving was ice cream. Syracuse is home to some of the best ice cream shops in the area, including Carvel, Gannon’s, and Sno Top. Newly added to this list is Jen and Kerri’s, a local ice cream station located in Jamesville Town Center. 

Jen and Kerri’s, which is named after the owner’s two daughters, is directly connected to the Jamesville-DeWitt community. Senior Matt Keeler reflects on his uncle’s experience owning the ice cream station, “how could he not like it? He has all these people coming in and eating his ice cream and recommending it to other people. I can tell that he’s very happy that he started it and is happy that everyone who goes there enjoys it.”

Jen and Kerri’s offers twenty-nine flavors of Gifford’s hard ice cream and four flavors of Turkey Hill’s soft ice cream, ranging from Vanilla and Raspberry Swirl to Chocolate Lover’s Chocolate. The store also sells flurries, sundaes, milkshakes, ice cream nachos, and ice cream pies. Many students shared their personal favorites. Among these were toasted coconut, peanut butter pie, fly fishing fudge, s’mores, and french vanilla custard. Besides the large variety of ice cream choices Jen and Kerri’s offer, they also got Root Beer Floats and Slushies.

Many students have found employment at Jen and Kerri’s. “It’s really fun to work with my classmates. It definitely makes the job much easier and more enjoyable to be able to work with my friends,” said senior Anthony Cawley. Senior Sydney Balotin agrees, “I’m in an environment where I know almost every person that I work with, and I don’t have to be reserved all the time and instead can be myself.”

Jen and Kerri’s has gained the support of others in the school community. “I like going to Jen and Kerri’s because it is local so it’s close and convenient,” said senior and frequent Jen and Kerri’s customer Josh Aitken, “The owners are so kind and welcoming, and there are always familiar faces when you go, both employed and not, and you get to see and support some of your friends while they work.”

Open for just a few months, Jen and Kerri’s has already claimed a five star rating on Google based on nine reviews. Ten, including Aitken’s rating.

Jen and Kerri’s is open 12-9 PM on the weekends and 3-9 PM on weekdays. Though seasonally closed late October through March, there are multiple ways to stay in touch with Jen and Kerri’s. Check out their Instagram, @jenandkerris_icecream, or their FaceBook, @jenkerriicecreamstation.

For Jen and Kerri’s website, click here 

Grace Evans, '22
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