JDHS Concert Chorale Presents “A Change Is Gonna Come”

As we prepare for our most recent transition on Monday, the JDHS Concert Chorale would like to share our most recent Virtual Choir video with all of you.  It’s a song written by an up and coming artist named Katie Pruitt entitled, “A Change Is Gonna Come.”  We hope the lyrics provide some inspiration, encouragement, as we head into what we hope to be better days for all!

“It’s getting hard to find the strength to carry on, but a change is gonna come.” I imagine that these lyrics strike a chord with everyone in our community right now. (Pun intended). The past year has brought us a lot of changes; changes we never expected, struggled to adapt to, and were often overwhelmed by. None of us imagined that our bedrooms would become our classrooms, or that the sports and activities we love would be restricted, or that our friends would always be 6 feet away. As humans, we tend to fear change – and with good reason, as change oftentimes brings us loss and struggle. This past year, we’ve all felt that. 

Despite this, I still think change is beautiful. It’s not always easy, but change forces us to adapt and grow. Change is what gives life meaning. If things never changed, we would surely avoid some bad things, but we would also never be able to achieve and experience great things. After a year of tough changes, we have learned that we as a community can adapt, so as we face this next chapter, we should not be afraid. It’s been a long road, but if we know one thing, it’s that we are capable of handling new regulations, new protocols, and new experiences.

And now, we are finally facing changes that bring us hope: seeing friends in our classes, going to prom or ball, participating in our sports, etc. It has been getting hard to find the strength to handle all of the changes that we have faced this year, but the beauty of life is that it is perpetually changing, and the changes ahead of us are ones that will bring us the connection, involvement, and community we have been craving. On behalf of JD choir, we hope that this piece resonates with you, not only as you look back on everything you have overcome, but as you look forward to the hope the future brings. 

Emily Ninestein, ’21: Vice President of Concert Chorale ’20-’21 

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