J-D vs. CBA: The Heated Rivalry Continues

By Casey Platenik

Staff Writer

For some sports, Christian Brothers Academy and Jamesville-Dewitt High School are a team and work together, but for basketball it’s a whole different story. For over 25 years, the classic CBA and J-DHS rivalry is especially heated in the sport of basketball. This year, the teams played each other twice and J-DHS took home both wins, sweeping away the Brothers for the second year in a row.“It felt good to end my career undefeated against CBA,” said senior David Antosh.

Before the games there is always a lot of hype among the students at J-DHS. This year the first went down to the wire with a last second buzzer beater by senior Jafar Kinsey and the J-D student section stormed the court. “My mind was blown and I just followed everybody on the court and dove into the pile,” said sophomore Jamie St. Amour. “The whole game was a nail biter. I’m so glad I was allowed to sit in the student section. I could hardly wait for the next one,” said freshman Kyle Hurley.

The second game was scheduled on a Tuesday, which some students thought was unfortunate. Athletic Director John Goodson said that the game was not intentionally scheduled on a Tuesday, but happened because of the way they do the scheduling. St. Amour and sophomore Grayson Burns couldn’t attend the second game because of their hockey game, and since they play with students from CBA they couldn’t attend the game either. “It’s rough; I had to go play an hour and a half away and not support the team because of my game, I just wish it was scheduled on a better date,” said Burns. It wasn’t bad because they won beating Ontario Bay 10 to 0. “No matter what the situation we go into games with a win on our mind,” said junior Evan Dourdas.

Even though the game was scheduled on a school night, the students were still excited for the big game. Sophomore Luke Rowe thought that the brothers would be seeking revenge. “Just win and remain undefeated (against CBA),” was what was going through Kinsey’s mind. However J-DHS was too good to be stopped. This time the game didn’t come down to a last second buzzer beater, but J-DHS still came out with the win. This was the last time some of the seniors would get a chance to watch their high school’s rivalry game. “It’s pretty sad, (it’s) something you’ll miss from high school, definitely,” said senior Jack Martin.

The stand had many fans to show their support for the team and were a part of the both wins keeping the the teams confidence up.

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