J-DHS Student Athletes Volunteer at Elderly Care Center

Photo shows members of the girls soccer and softball teams at Van Duyn. Photo Credit: Theresa Bulone

Starting this week (December 14-23), Jamesville-DeWitt student athletes will have the opportunity to volunteer at the Van Duyn Center for Rehabilitation & Nursing here in Syracuse. Athletes varying from all different sport teams, such as soccer or baseball, are given specific dates as to which they can go to the center. The students that attend will be participating in fun activities with the residents such as bingo and making gingerbread houses for this holiday season. 

“I would encourage all the J-D athletes to go volunteer because they would be giving back to their community that supports them and their athletics, along with giving them volunteer hours to put towards college,” Emily Bulone, organizer of the event, states. 

Bulone is a part of the J-D athlete leadership program and was looking for a way to better the community and include different groups here at J-D. Additionally, Emily had the idea to put a competitive twist in it, to see which sports team can get the most hours. What better way to get athletes to participate than making something a competition? The athletic teams will be going in pairs, with multiple different dates set up through late January. 

The girls soccer and softball teams were the first to volunteer, going on Wednesday, December 21. The remainder of the sports teams will volunteer in the weeks following the upcoming holiday break.

Senior and girls soccer team captain Megan Baker shares her excitement by saying she’s, “looking forward to connecting with people in different communities and to see smiles on their faces. Our community here at J-D is amazing, and I’m excited to share that with the people at the Nursing Home.” 

If you are interested in learning more or encouraging your own team to participate in this event contact our athletic director, John Goodson, or event organizer, Emily Bulone