J-DHS Short Play Festival Returns for 2023

Photo shows actors and directors of plays shown in the festival. Photo credit: Sheana Martin Zombek

By Contributing Writer Nicole Chen (’26)

Returning for yet another year, Drama Club hosted their Short Play Festival at 7:00 p.m on March 17 in the J-DHS auditorium. The festival featured ten different ten minute student-written plays, each with their own unique cast of characters. 

Some plays include: “Camp Forestgreen” written by Nicki Meskos (‘23), a play featuring four camp counselors introducing the new campers to Camp Forest Green; “Artificial Love” written by Alyssa Forgione (‘25) about two parents arguing over which traits their child would inherit; and the cast favorite, “Alexandra the Adventurer” written by Thomas Vander Molen (‘24), a play featuring a Dora-like character and her strict director. 

The Short Play Festival has provided several students a chance to experience an acting scene without spending months practicing. As Ray Feldstein (‘26) puts it, “I decided to do the Short Play Festival because I had a fun time with the musical, and I thought it could be a fun opportunity to experience a far more acting perspective instead of just singing and dancing.” 

The Drama Club focussed their work on the plays for the past few weeks and have created a wonderful selection. As stated by actor Rozir Kirkland (‘25), “We have a bunch of pretty cool plays this year written by some pretty cool people.” The festival shows the talent of J-D students and will hopefully continue next year.

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