The Grinch (Image by Illumination Studios)

Shiela Phoha and Theresa Grosso

Staff Writers

Among the new movies to come out in the theaters this year, three have been commonly talked about among the students at Jamesville-DeWitt High School. “The Grinch,” “Halloween,” and “The Hate U Give,” each with a different genre and plot. Although these movies are all different, students say they have enjoyed these movies.  

“How The Grinch Stole Christmas” is a classic Christmas movie, and creators have just recently come out with a new one, “The Grinch,” directed by Yarrow Cheney and Scott Mosier. “The animation is a lot different obviously… it was just really good animation,” said junior Brendan Coyle, when asked about how the screen quality differed. Senior Jakob Ellithorpe said, “There’s more singing in the new one.” They both agreed by saying the new movie had better screen quality compared to the old movie which came out in 2000 and they both saw it a day or two after it came out. When comparing the two, Coyle and Ellithorpe both liked the original better. Junior Riley LaTray hasn’t seen the new movie yet, but hopes to see it soon with her friends. “I loved the old Grinch and I’m getting excited for Christmas so I want to go see the new one,” LaTray said.  

Halloween (Image by Universal Studios)

Again, creators have come up with a new movie from the past; this time it’s the movie “Halloween.” “Halloween” directed by David Gordon Green is a mystery/horror film. It’s a new version of the 1978 movie, with better quality. Junior Gavin McCaul was a big fan of the movie.  “I liked how it was full of action the whole time… like he just started killing people right off the bat,” said McCaul. Junior Payton Shumpert said there were a lot of jump scares throughout the movie, that went along with the music build-up making it scary. Shumpert also adds that the older “Halloween” was scarier than the newer one. “Back then the movie was more realistic,” said Shumpert.

The Hate U Give (Image by 20th Century Fox)

“The Hate U Give” started as a book and was adapted into a drama/thriller film recently directed by George TIllman Jr. Freshmen Katie Donaghue and Ally Dettor have seen the movie and also read the book. “I think it was extremely relevant (to today’s society) and it was interesting because it gave a different side of an issue that is really important,” said Donaghue. Dettor added, “It explained a real life issue in society that needs to be talked about.” Junior Tasha Bazile has yet to see the movie but hopes to soon. “I want to see “The Hate U Give” because I feel like just being in society and being black… It intrigues me to see how it (life) is portrayed in the movie,” said Bazile.

These new movies are becoming more popular among the J-DHS students within all age groups. Students are talking about them among their friends, and are super excited to see many new movies come out!

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