J-DHS Drama Club to Perform Broadway Play, “Rabbit Hole” on November 12 and 13

A full cast photo courtesy of Samuel Phillips ('22). Cast from left to right: Ethan Millea ('23), Max Oppedisano ('22), Paloma Arena ('25), Stephanie Lynne ('23), Becca Fitzgerald ('22), Persephone Van Buren ('25)

The J-DHS drama club is performing the Broadway play, “Rabbit Hole,” written by David Lindsay-Abaire, on Friday, Nov. 12 and Saturday, Nov. 13 in the J-DHS Osborne Auditorium. This will be the first show performed entirely on the stage since February 2020. 

“This show is sad, but it’s also got humor and hope by the handful. You won’t leave in tears — though I can’t promise that you won’t be moved.”

-Samuel Phillips

This play centers around a married couple whose four-year-old son was killed in a car accident. After this life-changing event, the couple must work together to find a light in the darkness and propel themselves forward in their lives. The drama unfolds itself in around two hours and is intended for a more mature audience.

It is important to note that this show is not a melodrama, rather a show to harness the viewer’s emotions and captivate their minds. Co-director, Samuel Phillips (‘22), describes the show as “sad, [but not without] humor and hope by the handful.”

One of the major features that sets this show apart from anything done before at J-DHS is the seating arrangement. Audience members will sit on the actual stage and be mere feet away from the actors. Co-director Anka Chiorini (‘23) says that setting up the auditorium in this way “gives the whole show a very different energy from previous years.” However, due to this arrangement, seating is very limited and one should get a ticket as soon as possible if they hope to attend. In addition to this, microphones and heavy stage makeup will not be used to add to the authenticity of the actors and to further the ideals of realism for the audience.

This is truly a one-of-a-kind show, featuring many of J-DHS’s most talented actors, actresses, instrumentalists, and composers. The website to purchase tickets is below.


Update, 11/11/21, 6:58 pm: Tickets for both shows have sold out

David Scibilia, '22
David Scibilia is a Senior at JDHS. He is the lead editor of the Opinion section as well as the Public Editor for Rampage. He hopes to study Political Science and Journalism at college after he graduates. When not writing, David works at Trader Joe’s.