J-DHS Band and Orchestra Produces Their First Live Concert Since the Pandemic Began

Mr. Blumenthal directs the full orchestra in Swan Lake on November 21, 2019. Photo by RamPage staff.

Due to the pandemic, the J-DHS band and orchestra haven’t been able to perform a live concert since the shutdown in 2020. This winter, they were able to return to the stage. According to band and orchestra teacher Daniel Blumenthal, it was exciting to be back performing live with an audience that appreciated the chance to attend. Although both the band and orchestra produced many inventive projects when they were unable to perform live, nothing beats the energy of performing with an audience. Getting to the final result involved its own set of challenges including producing a concert with a substitute director while Blumenthal had to leave after becoming a new father earlier than expected. Mr. Padilla was an excellent long-term substitute and did an amazing job considering he entered the position without getting the chance to observe rehearsals and gain some more experience before Blumenthal left. However, Padilla left both groups having made immense progress just in time for the concert. Blumenthal stated that he is proud of his students’ positive energy and hard work coming together after being in divided sections for so long. Highlighting the resiliency his students have had under our recent circumstances is a high achievement expressed and celebrated in the concert.

Brigids Cross – Band

A Sailor’s Tale – Band

Also Sprach Zarathustra – Band
Mars – Band
The Bamboula – Orchestra
The Red Pony – Orchestra

Night on Bald Mountain – Orchestra

Suite for Strings, Movement 2 – Orchestra
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