“Duo No. 3 in Bb Major” by Beethoven

Sofia Bebla, Katie Donaghue, Sarah Feng, Alex Gorji, Lucy Heflin, Kasia Kirnie

“Serenade Number 4” by Mozart

Khani Cossa, May Dolphin, Elena Fitzgerald

“Serenade Number 1” by Mozart

Cat Deforest, Ebun Oguntola, Addie Weldum

“Quintet in D Major, Op. 6, No. 11, Movement 1” by J.C. Bach

Nathan Chen, Andrej Dovciak, Grace Feng, Elina Park

“Tune Up” by Miles Davis

Michael Bratslavsky, Will Guisbond, Josh Hillers, Aidan Nabinger, Max Oppedisano

“Allegro from Quartet No. 8 in F Major, K. 168” by Mozart

Anthony Bertone, Ben Oppedisano, Kira Pawletko, Xavier Plourde, Colby Porter

“Fugue in A Major” by J.S. Bach

Lily Dovciak, Sam Phillips, Caleb Porter

“Allemande” by Purcell

Maggie Frank, Lanya Liebler-Bendix, Teddy Todorov, Aiden Usher

“Duettino VIII” by Hook

Aniket Maini, Abigail Morgan, Jason Pritts, Dan Blumenthal

“Bouree, Allegro, and Adagio” by G.F. Handel

Grace Bridge, Dom Duca, Alessio Vega

“Bagatelle” by Beethoven

Sabina Muradova, Sophia Stokoe, Lillian Woods, Dan Blumenthal

“Canonic Duo No. 3 in D Major” by Telemann

Rainer Yaeger, Alice Yi

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