J-DHS Adds a New Staff Member

Photo Provided by Max Fagelman '22

Steven Baker and Tarky Lombardi

Staff Writers

Officer Lindsey Pienkowski began her experience as a member of the Jamesville-DeWitt community on Sept. 18 2018.

Officer Pienkowski has a “great background” according to principal Paul Gasparini. This is her first time being a Student Resource Officer. Officer Pienkowski was first stationed as a Town of Dewitt Police Officer. She has been an officer in New York City and outside of DeWitt.

Officer Pienkowski works 7:30 am to 3:30 pm Monday through Friday with weekends off. Sometimes if there is a specific event or game, she may provide security to that on the weekends.

Being an SRO consists of many tasks. Some of these include patrolling the hall, making sure that everyone is behaving, checking doors, and making sure everything is secure . “First and foremost the safety and security for the students,” said Officer Pienkowski.  

The administration is excited with the acquisition of Officer Pienkowski to the staff. “She has a nice personality, she is very interested in working with the students… and she has already made some connections with kids” said Mr. Gasparini.   

So far Officer Pienkowski has had a great experience for her first few weeks at J-D. “ I love it, I have started to develop relationships with the student and staff, and people are starting to come to me with questions and concerns” said Officer Pienkowski.

“I have always wanted this position…I think every school should have an SRO,” said Officer Pienkowski.

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