J-D Students and Faculty Respond to Shooting Victim Judson Albahm

J-D students and their families, as well as teachers and faculty, have been donating to the GoFundMe page for Judson Albahm, the former J-D student fatally shot by police on Thursday, March 4.  Albahm was killed due to an alleged misunderstanding around an airsoft gun he was holding, and now many J-D students, staff, and their families who donated to the GoFundMe are speaking out in support of Albahm and his family.


“Judson was in my grade and was a classmate of mine since middle school.  We weren’t the closest of friends, but he was someone that almost all of us knew.  Overall our grade is fairly close, so this has taken a toll on a lot of us.  He was a bright light and was loved by so many.   I can’t imagine how Judson’s family is feeling during this time.  I wanted to do everything I could to help support them.  I also wanted to contribute to help prevent anything like this from happening to others.  Judson was such a great kid and will be missed so very much. “

-Momoka LaClair, ‘21

“I didn’t know Judson personally.  I donated because I feel bad for what the family has been going through and wanted to help out in a small way.”

-Cleo Shiomos, ‘22

“I do not personally know him but I’ve heard that he was a great person.  A mental health crisis should never end in the loss of a life by the police.  I am so enraged by this constantly happening, and the fact that it happened to someone in our community is so heartbreaking.  I donated to Judson’s GoFundMe because it was the least that I could do to help his family mourn and hopefully find justice in this awful tragedy.”

-Emma Kesselring, ‘19

“I did not personally know Judson, but I saw him around school sometimes.  I contributed to this cause because it’s crazy to see something that you usually hear about in the news happen in your own community.  I can’t imagine what the family is going through right now, so I thought that this GoFundMe would be a way to help them.  The GoFundMe not only helps the Albahm family but also raises awareness for the incident.  We need change in society, and  if the people at the top see that enough people care, they might be inclined to make a change. The incident was a result of a system that failed Judson.”

-Shiela Phoha, ‘22

“My family and I did not personally know Judson.  I knew him as a part of the JD Community, a peer and friend of so many.  We contributed because we wanted to support Judson’s family in any way we could to help them through this very difficult time.”

-Emilia Patalita, ‘22

“I did not personally know Judson, but I vaguely remember meeting him before he transferred to BOCES.  Even though I didn’t know him personally, I just think what struck me hardest is how the issues we see all over national news can become a reality to our local community.  I think a lot of people and politicians like to ignore systemic problems within institutions, such as the flawed way law enforcement handles mental health crises, and the outcome of not finding a better way to address that is the wrongful death of so many people.  It truly shouldn’t have been Judson, and he, like many others, should be alive right now.  I wanted to contribute as much as I could because I can’t even imagine how much his family is grieving right now, and reading the statement that his mom made really broke my heart.  I think that it’s vital for our city and members of the J-D community who did, or didn’t know Judson, to come together to support his family.”

-Rachel Gao, ‘22

“I didn’t know [Judson] personally but I would see him around.  What prompted me to contribute to this cause was my overall anger and sadness with the situation.”

-Mason Militi, ‘22


“Yes, I did know Judson.  He was a great young man with a kind heart.”

-Mrs. McKee, Vice Principal at J-DMS

“I am very saddened by the death of any student, especially one that possibly could have been prevented.  I strongly encourage people to reach out and access mental health support services and counseling.  No one needs to face things alone.  The counselors and myself are here for you.”

-Mrs. Howe, J-DHS Psychologist

Isaiah Steinberg, '23
Isaiah Steinberg is a senior at J-DHS. He is the Standards Editor and News Editor for the RamPage. In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with friends, playing with his half-brother, or sleeping.