J-D Day Makes a Comeback

Students gathering at J-D Day. Photo Credits: J-D RamFeed

On Thursday, May 26, Jamesville-DeWitt High School held the first in-person “J-D Day” since Spring of 2019. The carnival-inspired event featured the sale of food and beverages, games, and activities, all followed by a school-wide assembly that highlighted the accomplishments of our in-season sports teams. Students reflect on this day fondly, many with a sense of appreciation after not being able to partake in the festivities yet in their high school career. 

“My expectations for J-D Day weren’t through the roof but I did hope that it’d be fun. I think it lived up to them,” said sophomore Logan Oppedisano, who also noted his gratitude for a break from academics. Overall, Oppedisano said that his first J-D Day was “pretty good.”

Seniors who had experienced J-D Day before were somewhat underwhelmed, though not necessarily in a bad way. “J-D Day freshman year felt more exciting because it was my first one, but this year it felt like a more relaxed day to just do things with my friends and be together before we graduate,” said senior Nina Dermody.

Senior Jorge Gonzalez agreed, adding “I enjoyed freshman J-D Day more just because it felt like there were more attractions and things to do freshman year like the freshman vs. sophomore kickball game or the huge obstacle course!”

Regardless, a few activities were ranked favorites among students. “My favorite memory has to be the dunk tank from this J-D Day. Being able to dunk teachers and students, especially Josh Aitken, was my favorite memory!” said Gonzalez.

Dermody concurred, recalling her favorite memory as “watching people fall into the dunk tank.”

Oppedisano, on the other hand, favored “dominating in bouncy house jousting.”

J-D Day was not all play and no work, or at least not for some. Student government worked hard behind the scenes to plan and organize the event. Senior Co-Presidents Josh Aitken and Lucy Heflin organized the elections of the school-wide student government slate and the Student Board of Education Representative for next school year, both of which were held throughout the day via Google Forms. Secretary Mark Bratslavsky and Treasurer Zamora McBride arranged the concession sales put on by various student groups and clubs. Co-Directors of Communication Amanda Aitken and Karunmay Aggarwal handled the entertainment, including the dunk tank, obstacle course, and bouncy house. Not just students were put to work either, student government advisor and history teacher Meghan McGee was “really helpful in organizing teacher chaperones to help run the entire event smoothly and help facilitate the ticket sales,” said Aggarwal. 

Student government’s hard work was not without reason. “We wanted to make sure that the return of J-D Day was the best it has ever been,” said Aggarwal. And based on student feedback, it seems that for many it was.

“I would describe J-D Day this year as a good comeback,” said Gonzalez. We’re already excited to see what student government has planned for next year’s J-D Day!

Grace Evans, '22
Grace Evans is a senior at Jamesville-DeWitt High School. Grace enjoys writing both professionally and personally. In addition to RamPage, she is involved in RamFeed and a few other clubs. Grace is also the Student Board of Education Representative at J-D.