Another iPhone Released to the World

By Mary Austin and Jamie Boeheim

Staff Writers

Pressure on cell phone companies sky rockets as the competition over who produces the best phone becomes more urgent. Apple took this competition as motivation, and released the iPhone 6 and six plus on Sept. 16. The iPhone 6 includes a 4.7 inch screen, and the ability to do banking transactions right from your phone. The iPhone 6 plus includes a 5.5 inch screen, and you are able to bend the screen’s glass to make the fit of the phone more satisfying to you.

There is a variety of opinions about the iPhone 6 throughout the Jamesville-DeWitt High School student body. The iPhone 6 is sophomore Andrew LeClair’s first iPhone and says, “I love it a lot.” Unlike LeClair, sophomore Alex Frank, owner of the iPhone 4S, does not seeing herself purchasing this phone in the furute because “it’s too big and there’s no need for it.”

With increased battery life, the iPhone 6 lets you do more for longer than ever,” Apple stated on However, senior Maddie DeRegis found the battery life to be, “worse than the 5.”  DeRegis also said she doesn’t like the auto correct. “It’s too particular so you can’t abreviate anything without it changing.”

    J-D Middle School technology teacher Keith Bryant who owns a Galaxy S4 compared his phone to the iPhone 6, “I have seen the iPhone and the size seems nice.” He admits that he likes his Galaxy S4 better then his old iPhone; however, if Bryant had to choose an iPhone it would be the 6 because of it’s size and appearance.

If people were given the chance to change a feature about the iPhone 6 or 6 plus, they would change the size. Many people agreed with owner of the iPhone 6, senior Paddy Hagan; “the screen is too big, my fingers can’t touch every inch of the screen.” Frank would also change the size of the screen “because it is more like a mini ipad instead of an actual telephone.”

The iPhone 6 seems to be taking control over not only new technology, but clothing as well. Recently, stores such as Levi’s, L.L Bean, J. Crew and American Eagle are looking into changing the design and expanding the size of their pants’ pockets in order to accommodate the iPhone 6/6 plus. But if a customer of these clothing stores does not have the iPhone 6, they will have larger pockets with nothing to fill them with.

After the release of the new iPhones, many customers are thinking, what will Apple come up with next? “Apple will come up with another iPhone with a faster speed, better wifi connection, and new useless apps,” says Frank. However, Hagan thinks Apple will come up with a bigger iPhone that is the same as Apple’s previous iPhones. As more iPhones are produced, attracting more money and consumers, Apple will have a huge affect on this century’s technology.

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