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Often in life one grows increasingly concerned about the nature of his or her being. A person may hesitantly inquire“Who is to say that we are not immersed in a dream-like state and our daily adventures are not just figments of our imaginations?” While others simply ask themselves “Why me?!” Questions like these — from the theoretical to the uncomplicated — provide the very basis upon which philosophy is built — curiosity.

“The Philosopher’s Corner” is a new periodical column which focuses on both contemporary issues and historical perspectives. It will center on issues that affected society in the past and continue to do so today — politics, ethics, logic, economics, education — the important stuff. It will pay particular attention to how these pivotal matters influence teens and their perceptions of the world.

While the head contributor of The Philosopher’s Corner is J-DHS junior Ben Harkaway, contributions from additional, philosophically-minded students will also be considered for publication. Interested students should contact either Harkaway or RamPage adviser Mr. Phillips in G18.

With topics ranging from reality and existence to determining if social media has been a positive or negative influence in society, “The Philosopher’s Corner” will feature a diverse breadth of subjects that will be sure to capture the interests of the inquisitive reader.

Ben Harkaway, 20
Ben Harkaway, a junior, is the Opinion editor and lead contributor for the column "The Philosopher's Corner" for RamPage.