Hughie Stonefish Serenades the School

December 9, 2014

Jenna Vespi and Mia Potamianos

Staff Writers

Jamesville-DeWitt High School alumnus Hughie Stone Fish performed on Nov. 19 in the Osborn Auditorium during activity period. The performance was enjoyed by many J-DHS students, including freshman Elijah Theus who became a fan at the concert. “(Stonefish) was a good singer and I liked his original songs and how he engaged with the audience,” said Theus. “He’s a very talented musician and I really enjoyed being there with all of my friends,” said junior Dylan Fleischman who was at Stonefish’s performance last year. Junior Zach Duby added that it was “the best concert in the world.” Senior Anthony Cacchione referred to the concert as “legendary” and “magical.”

Stonefish’s performance for the J-DHS students and staff was about 45 minutes long and he sang songs from his album “Siren Songs” and accompanied himself on the piano and banjo. Stonefish was joined by many junior and senior boys, some of which were dressed like Stonefish, in the singing of one song and after almost every song a large student section joined in chanting Stonefish’s name. During the concert, Stonefish took a break and had a question and answer session that had been requested via twitter by many students.

How did the concert come about? Last spring, while Stonefish was on tour with his friend Ben Sheridan, Stonefish reconnected with J-D Middle School seventh grade English teacher Amy Spitzer. In June, Mrs. Spitzer invited Stonefish to come speak with her students and after, Stonefish visited J-DHS and sang for the students on J-D Day. 

Stonefish grew up in the J-D district but currently resides in Los Angeles, Calif. Having graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston, he is currently working as a singer/songwriter. “Particularly about songwriting I like that I have an opportunity to express how I’m feeling in a way that reaches a lot of people,” said Stonefish. After touring with Sheridan, Stonefish has started writing a lot of hip-hop. Stonefish also is a music director at Second City Hollywood, which is a comedy school where he teaches musical improv and plays piano for their shows.   

Stonefish was a member of Inachord throughout high school and participated in the J-DHS musicals and in select choirs. His freshman year at J-DHS Stonefish started playing guitar. “My mom told me that girls would probably be more interested in me if I played guitar,” said Stonefish. But after he began playing, he fell in love with the instrument. He then ventured on to learn how to play the piano. Stonefish grew up with a piano in his home and his uncle also played the piano which inspired him to start. Now Stonefish likes to play any instrument he can get his hands on. “I like that there’s always something I could work on. I can always be better,” said Stonefish. 

With music Stonefish says “there’s always a way to achieve greater things.” J-DHS students and staff can’t wait to see what greater things Hughie Stonefish will be able to bring if he visits again!
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