How Have Seniors Transformed Mentally and Physically Since Freshman Year?

Sydney Balotin and Georgie Paparo

1Nina Grigorian

“I have gotten a lot stronger mentally, with taking harder courses and challenging myself, as well as just personal high school experiences that made me cope with problems better.”

2Jackson Brang

“Physically I’ll say I changed, hung out with different friends, started caring about my schoolwork. Mentally I widened my friend group by hanging out with a bunch of new people, so you can say I’m more friendly.”

3Steven Baker

“I would say that the teachers and people at JD made me a better person. I think that the JD community has been a great experience for me and the people are very nice and caring and I don’t think I’d rather go anywhere else for the last four years.”

4Tim Skeval

“Freshman year I was very scared. I didn’t pay attention in a lot of my classes because I was new to the school, and now as a senior I pay a lot more attention. I try harder on quizzes and tests, and then physically I’ve grown over a foot since freshman year. I used to be 4’ 11’’ and now I’m 6 feet tall.”

5Grace Martin and Josh Greenway

“I got taller, got my braces off, changed hairstyles a couple times. I made new friends and didn’t do what everyone else was doing. I became more mature.”

6Sammer Essi

“Physically I’ve kind of been in this big glob shell in freshman year and I was burdened with it, and now there’s a wide variety of things I can do that I couldn’t do before. Mentally I just have this better perspective on life and now I know that anything’s possible.”

7Bella Rubino

“I got my braces off sophomore year so I think that was a big change. I also made really, really good friends that I connected with. I think that changed my confidence and my outlook on meeting people and just my mentality with life.”

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