Here’s Why New York Times Employees are on Strike

Photo shows the New York Times building in Manhattan, New York. Photo Credit: "Picasa 2.7" on Flickr (Creative Commons License)

By Contributing Writer Cam Moynihan (’24)

This past Thursday, December 8, workers at the New York Times staged a strike in protest of what they claim are low wages, despite the company’s recent economic growth.

The strike is the largest-scale strike to occur at the Times since 1981. Many writers, reporters, and editors, as well as other employees decided to walk out of work and participate in a 24-hour protest. During this time, many released statements that attest to their reasoning for the walkout. Among these statements is one from reporter Anni Karni, in which she states, “A news alert with my name on it just went out… It was a pre-written story ahead of an expected vote. I stand with the guild!” The article Karni is referring to is the recently released article on the passing of the Respect For Marriage Act through Congress.

Many that were interviewed in front of the Times offices stated that the main reason they agreed to the walkout was the recent massive increase in the company’s wealth overall. However, it wasn’t the growth that directly influenced the protests; it was the lack of the trickling down of the growth and benefits that incited the protests. Many writers and editors have reportedly taken second jobs in order to make ends meet due to the lack of the Times increasing wages in accordance to the cost of living in the cities where their workers are based.

This protest comes amidst an era of mass layoffs at social media companies across the board, no doubt increasing the paranoia of protesters at the Times. With recent layoffs at Twitter despite attempts from employees to negotiate for their jobs, Times employees are no doubt hoping that this strike will have the intended effect rather than end in their termination from the paper they work so hard to maintain.

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