“Halloween” Returns and So Does a Madman

Image by Universal Pictures

December 13, 2018

Everly Kessler ’21

For forty years Haddonfield has continued on undisturbed and safe from the madman himself. Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) has spent every waking second training and preparing for her demon’s inevitable return. But no amount of preparation can truly ready her to face the infamously evil and blood-thirsty Michael Myers in round two.

Ever since Laurie survived his first malicious attack, Michael, captured and institutionalized, has been plotting his next and final attempt to finally kill the one that got away. When his transfer bus arbitrarily crashes, Michael is free and itching to put back on the mask and make a dramatic return to Haddonfield. This Halloween night Laurie will be put to the ultimate test and her life’s work will prove or disprove the rightfulness of her obsession.

This horror thriller is sure to chill you right down to the bone just in time for the spooky holiday the movie is named after. It will be virtually impossible to keep your eyes open as Michael Myers hunts, terrorizes, and kills.

Jamie Lee Curtis (right) lauded for her return as Laurie Strode (Image by Inverse)

Forty years away had not weakened nor discouraged the bloodthirsty monster, but everyday has made him grow hungrier and hungrier and more restless to kill once more. Amidst the horrors Michael creates, viewers get to experience the love and care shared between a mother and her daughter. Laurie used her own near-death instance to prepare her daughter from a young age to teach her how to protect herself, a quality she will carry with her throughout her life, thanks to her protective mother.

Just as Michael escapes all Laurie can think about is the safety of her daughter and granddaughter and does all she can to make sure they are as best out of Michael’s way as possible. No matter how hard Michael tries for Laurie she will never let him get to her girls and would even risk her own life to save theirs.

The audience trembles as the mere image of the blood-thirsty Michael Myers reappears after all these years to haunt them once again. Knife in hand, jumpsuit worn, mask on, and sanity off, Michael Myers puts on a gruesome show that viewers will be sure not to forget.

Between the superb acting and the horrors of Michael Myers, “Halloween” is a must-see film that is sure to keep you gripping the edge of your seat and watching through your fingers. Viewers will leave the theatre unnerved with a newfound sense of fear and with the hope that Michael Myers won’t be making any guest appearances in their nightmares.

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