Shoppingtown (Ghost) Mall

By Emily Hauser

Assistant Editor for Promotion 


Psychics and trick-or-treating and ghost malls…. oh my! ShoppingTown Mall seems to fit in with the theme of October, not only because it is a worn down, almost bare, shopping center, but also because it’s the location of “The Forbidden Realm” which is Central New York’s newest haunted attraction.

This 6,300 square foot haunted house is located on the lower floor of the old Bon-Ton section at ShoppingTown Mall and offers your choice of one or both of the two attractions, Macabre Manor and subTERRORanean. Macabre Manor is a traditional haunted house, filled with spooky props and subTERRORanean is a pitch black journey where you are challegend to find your way out. The cost is $13, which includes admission to both of the haunted attractions, and all of the proceeds benefit the Make-a-Wish foundation of Central NY. “I really want to go to that, it sounds really creepy,” said senior Josh Gutmaker.

I visited this attraction, and thought it was a very thrilling and spooky way to spend my Friday night. I went with the rest of the Jamesville-DeWitt High School Varsity Girls Soccer team, and not one of us made it to the exit without screaming. “The worst part is when you look behind you and realize that there is someone chasing you with a chainsaw.” said junior Ciara Norris. The two attractions are connected to each other and once you finish with the first, you automautically enter into the next one. “It was super scary and I thought I was going to die, but it was totally worth going to.” said junior Alex Fontana. “It was really cool; I think that the decorations made it really scary.” said freshman Ali Durkin.

Also at the mall this month, the Spooktacular Psychic Fair will take place. This is the biggest paranormal event ever held in Syracuse. Admission is free, although fees will be charged for readings. “I won’t be in town those days, but if I was, I would totally go, it sounds like such an awesome event.” said senior Bella Hylen. “This would be really cool I think, I would love to get a reading done,” said Norris. Over 25 participants including authors, psychics, vendors and paranormal groups will be participating and all age groups are welcome. “This sounds super spooky and more different then anything I’ve ever been to!” said Hylen.

If you are struggling to find a safe, warm enviroment full of Halloween activities, just come Trick or Treat at ShoppingTown Mall on October 30th, 1-7 p.m. “This is a good idea for parents who have younger kids who want to Trick or Treat,” said Fontana. The cost is $1 per child and all of the proceeds benefit The Children’s Consortium of CNY.

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