Get to Know Senior Slate 2

Photo Credit: Ali Mobeen ('23)

Two slates of candidates are running for the senior class government for the upcoming 2022-2023 school year. Elections will take place during school on June 10. The RamPage interviewed Slate 2 about its agenda for the next school year.

Who is running and what positions are they running for?

Zaria & Carly – Co-Presidents

Ali & Gavin B – Co-Vice Presidents

Tara – Secretary

Josh – Treasurer

Emma D – Director of Communications

What makes your slate unique?

Our slate of officers comes from a diverse group of people with different backgrounds and leadership experiences. We hope that our focus on inclusivity separates us from the competition. We think it’s time for new faces and new perspectives to be brought to the table, and provide the best experience for our class.

What are some of your plans for the school year?

Slate 2 has some awesome plans for the coming year. With our experience, it’ll be easy and fun to participate. Currently, we plan to hold a sunrise breakfast, sunset movie, parking space decoration raffle, and various other events leading up to graduation, such as the ball and the afterparty. We hope to focus on the fun in fundraising and hold memorable events that people will love.

Why should people vote for your slate?

Our slate of candidates is unique in the sense that we all have our own leadership experiences that enable us to handle anything thrown our way. Our affiliations with clubs and organizations, such as the ASA, allow us to hold fundraisers and events that no other slate can. New faces, new voices, and new opinions are what we really need to ensure the best senior year possible. We have 7 academically qualified, diligent members who truly care about the senior class. It’s time for a change in how our student government operates.

What will be your main goal as slate officers if you win?

Senior year is the climax of the high school experience. After braving Regents, APs, and even a pandemic, we all deserve the best senior experience possible. If elected, Slate 2 believes that we can deliver the best senior experience possible. Through pursuing the aforementioned goals, our passion for service, and our commitment to inclusivity, we know that we can deliver on our promises, and so much more. But we can’t do it without you. Vote Slate 2!

Sophia Caputo, '24
Sophia Caputo is a junior at J-D high school and the Editor-in-Chief. In her free time she enjoys baking and cooking vegan treats, taking her dog Cora on new adventures, and of course writing.