With the beginning of rehearsals for The Prom, a show about a prom, many are reliving their own junior year prom experiences. However, underclassmen don’t feel the same way. 

“I was having such a hard time relating to my character,” freshman Myah Pettiford reported. “I mean, how can I play a junior in high school if I’m only a freshman?”

Many others echoed this sentiment. Freshmen and sophomores simply cannot grasp the struggles of junior year. Several have decided to practice method acting to understand their characters.

“I’m reading The Warmth of Other Suns to really connect with my character,” sophomore Rozir Kirkland said. “I really think that my character would be taking APUSH.” He then returned to his reading, eager to find out what would happen to Ida Mae.

“I got a 100 on the PSAT,” freshman Matthew Centollela bragged, trying to fit in with a group of juniors. “That’s, like, a perfect score, right?”

Other underclassmen have taken similar actions. Some popular methods of relating to their junior characters are talking about synthesis essays, weighing the pros and cons of taking the SAT over the ACT, complaining about “the chem test,” and being stressed. Shockingly, this has had positive effects on their performances.

“All of the underclassmen are so in character,” Kelsie Deyo, the musical’s director, gushed. “I only wish they would spend more time practicing their choreography instead of trying to do precalculus homework.”

However, not everyone is pleased with the underclassman actors.

“I had, like, five freshmen in my English 11 class yesterday,” English teacher Ms. Creamer complained. “Everyone knows that freshmen are too young to grasp the complexities of 11th grade level English!”

“A bunch of sophomores took my chemistry quiz yesterday. They’re not even in the class!” Ms. Boettger ranted while simultaneously grading four tests and writing a quiz on molarity.

Additionally, the library has reported an unprecedented number of students checking out AP English Language and Composition’s textbook, The Language of Composition. Ms. Panek declined our request for a comment as she was too busy ordering more copies of They Say, I Say.

We tried to interview juniors about these recent developments, but they all seemed to be too busy trying to reteach themselves geometry for the SAT to answer our questions.

In other news, seniors in the musical have made no attempts to connect with their characters. “I already did junior year. Why on earth would I do it again?” senior Nicki Meskos stated.

Aveline Chocolat
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