French Honors Society Hosts the Annual Buche De Noel Contest with a Twist

The annual Buche de Noel cake baking contest is hosted by the Jamesville-Dewitt French Honors Society, but this year it’s being hosted virtually. The contest is open to all J-DHS French students. 

In order to be a part of this event, French students make a video including: the theme of the cake, the ingredients and/or recipe, the cake, cake filling, and frosting flavor(s), and how it is decorated. Students can also include any additional information that would help best present the cake in the video. Videos must be 1-2 minutes long and each student must introduce themselves with their name and grade level in French at the beginning of the video. After the introduction, the rest of the video may be presented in English.

The contest awards French extra credit points to the most traditional cake, most festive cake, most festive video, craziest flavors, best decorated cake, and most creative video or cake. Each video must be shared by December 11th through this Google Form. If a video is too long to share via Google Form, students can submit it directly to Kira Pawletko through email.

After everyone has submitted their 1-2 minute videos, they will be put together and compiled as one video during office hours on December 16th. The final compilation video will be shared with everyone.  


The Buche de Noel Baking Contest

Entry Deadline:  

December 11th

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