Episode One: What Happened to Mr. Gasparini?

Your fearless editors embark on a perilous, three episode journey to discover the truth behind Mr. Gasparini’s retirement. In this episode, we talk to students and staff in an attempt to find more information about the iconic principal.

Episode Credits

Cast (in order of appearance): Madie Phillips, Anka Chiorini, Carissa Charles, Stephanie Lynne, Lucas Chiorini, Mr. Blumenthal, Ms. Myers, Mr. Bunyan, and Mr. Phillips

Written and recorded by Anka Chiorini and Madie Phillips

Edited by Anka Chiorini

Music by Madie Phillips

Aveline Chocolat aka Jeanette Natalia Caramel aka Myrna Smush is a renowned journalist and billionaire. Ms. Chocolat/Caramel/Smush is a two time winner of the Miss Portugal beauty pageant. She won in 1986 and 2014. She has been called the fifth Beatle by people who are not familiar with the Beatles or numbers. She earned a degree in Mongoose Farming from Middle Tennessee State University. She claims she can see the future, but she refuses to give any specifics about her abilities. Despite her deathly yam allergy, she says she is very happy to be writing at YamPage…she also would like to ask “What is YamPage?” She’d call Anka Chiorini (’23) a good friend.