Prom Dress Drive 2014

By Olivia Byrnes and Emma Carr

Staff Writers

Every year prom season rolls around again and many girls pay hundreds of dollars for brand new prom dresses. After hearing stories of girls not being able to go to prom because they couldn’t get a dress, Jamesville-DeWitt High School Physical education Teacher Cara Goldberg wanted to do something to help. She decided to start a dress drive to help girls who couldn’t afford brand new dresses still have access to them.  

    Ms. Goldberg got inspired to start her dress drive seven years ago after seeing another dress drive run by student assistance counselor Will Hartley, believing she could do a better job. She took over the dress drive a few years later. After lots of donations, she built up her collection from 10 dresses to around 100 and a few tuxedos and semiformal dresses. “I have asked students to donate their old dresses, I’ve asked teachers to donate their kid’s old dresses. People come and drop dresses off at all times, and I’ve gone to stores and asked if they were willing to donate things they didn’t sell at the end of the season, but usually I just have enough from individual donations. I never really have to go to stores. It’s great.” said Ms. Goldberg.

    Ms. Goldberg said she loves to help girls find perfect dresses, “I sit there with the girls and button them up, I give my opinion on the dresses and then I go and I look for more.” said Ms. Goldberg. She even goes and finds them matching shoes and purses which she also keeps with the dresses.

    Her goals for this drive is to grow her stock with donations. She is willing to accept donations at any time during the year, whether it is prom dresses, semiformal dresses or tuxedos. “You can just donate it for prom season and have it returned after, too,” she said, “I am always looking for donations whether you think the dress is in style or out of style, just please, please donate,”

    On Sunday after your prom, ask yourself if you will ever wear that dress again. If not please see Ms. Goldberg.


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