District Hires New Assistant Superintendent to Improve the Curriculum

Assistant Superintendent Nate Franz shows off his JD face mask. Photo by the author.

On July 1st, Jamesville-Dewitt High School hired a new assistant superintendent, Nate Franz. Franz previously had a similar role at the Syracuse City School District, working as an assistant superintendent for teaching and learning. Of his previous role at the Syracuse City School District, Franz said, “I worked with all grade levels K-12 and all content areas on curriculum and academic programs and also worked with the professional development department and the ENL department.” He not only has experience with all grade levels, but prior to his first job as an assistant superintendent, he worked as a teacher and instructional coach in Washington D.C. 

Franz strategically works to improve the J-D curriculum. He contributes to the instructional procedures and assessments teachers of all content areas are using. Franz is also a huge part of the new plan surrounding culturally responsive and sustaining education, which allows him to help create a better environment for student success.

Outside of his work in the district, Nate Franz enjoys spending time with his two children and their new puppy.  A normal day in Franz’s life looks a lot like many others: he takes care of his family, makes sure he’s up early to feed and walk the puppy, and he goes to work. But his job here at J-DHS is everything but ordinary.

Franz was pleasantly surprised with the District Office location in the high school building. This allows him to have a lot more interaction with faculty and students on a daily basis. 

Franz has a substantial and challenging role to fill with the district, but he is perfectly willing and ready to make J-D even better than it already is.

Hi I'm Theresa, a staff writer at Jamesville-Dewitt. After school I run indoor track in the winter, and play lacrosse all year long. In school my favorite subject is Spanish. Some topics I'm interested in writing about are current events and sports.