CodeRams Takes Over Coding at J-DHS

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Contributed by the J-DHS CodeRams Club

CodeRams is a new club focused on computer science. With it, we hope to inspire a passion for computer science-related topics and projects. Throughout the year, we will work with our club members to prepare for various coding competitions, along with working on theme-based projects that will involve all club members. Such themes will include relevant topics like mobile apps, cyber-security, and other current CS topics. The club will be geared mainly towards CS-experienced people (ie. people in APCS or Intro, or people who have already taken such classes), but anyone who is interested and is willing to learn and invest time is welcome.

Unlike many computer science based clubs, we place a heavy focus on involvement and success in competitions. We participate in the local Lockheed Martin CodeQuest competition, hosted in Oswego NY. In addition, this year (2019), we are hosting a local coding invitational to increase regional participation in computer science. On top of our competition focus, we also work to provide computer science tutorials, advice, and ideas for all interested students at Jamesville-Dewitt. During our weekly meetings on Friday, we usually teach the club members a new coding skill, which will help them in their personal projects, and in the competitions. We encourage anybody interested in computer science to attend one of our meetings in B05.

CodeQuest is an annual competition run by Lockheed Martin. CodeQuest 2019 occurred on April 27th, 2019. CodeQuest 2018 occurred on April 21, 2018. The CodeRams club sent four advanced teams to CodeQuest, with the Omega Rams team placing 2nd place at the Owego, NY site with 245 points.

The JD coding invitational competition is a local CNY computer science competition of high schools. 2019 is the first year of this competition, with hopefully many more to come in the future. We welcome any interested schools, and aim to provide a fun and competitive environment for all participants.

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