Code Rams Encourages Coders to Grow their Skills

Photo Credits: Victorgrigas, Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

What is your club called?

Our club is Code Rams.

What does your club do?

We teach people how to code, help experienced coders keep growing, and prepare everyone for both large and small competitions.

Why should people join your club?

If you don’t know how to code, we offer a risk-free way to take your first steps. There are no assignments or obligations, so you can see if you like it without any stress. If you already know how to code, we offer a way to find other people with similar interests and we bring them together for fun competitions. Also, the help we provide will give advantages in the school computer science classes.

When and where does your club meet?

We meet on Fridays in G14 (Mr. Lang’s Room) until further notice. The room is scheduled to change sometime in the year.

Anything you’d like to say to students at J-DHS?

For six years J-D has participated in Lockheed Martin’s CodeQuest. CodeQuest is a global competition in which high school coders work together to solve challenging problems made by professional programmers. This is our biggest event, and we spend months preparing so that everyone is ready to do their best and have fun.

Nora Gross, '23
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